Viagra Users - Overcome NAION Fear


FDA received nearly 50 NAION reports from people who were using Viagra drug. In order to play it safe, FDA demanded a new label which linked the ED drugs effect to NAION. Though all the ED drug companies followed FDA's demand, drug manufacturers like Pfizer [Viagra] and ELI Lily [Cialis] now ask for a relevant proof to base the NAION side effect allegation.

How to Play safe with Viagra

It has not yet been proved whether NAION is a direct side effect of Viagra. But precautions can only help you to be safe.

? If you have had earlier experiences with NAION, take Viagra only after consulting your doctor

? New Viagra users, meet up with an ophthalmologist, check your eyes for any NAION symptoms and then begin with the drug

? If you feel gradual loss of vision after taking the drug or any uneasiness in your eyes, stop the medication immediately and get it checked by a doctor

? Sometimes the vision loss can occur in one eye. If you have slight irritations in one eye, don't take it lightly but get it tested

A million users around the world use Viagra. And NAION has affected only a few. And none of them had their eyes checked before taking the erectile dysfunction drug. Pfizer advices all its Viagra pill users to go for a complete check up before starting your favorite Viagra pill. Those who have heart problems, or take nitrate medications can have serious side effects if they start with Viagra. But how many users go through the pill label and follow the instructions. It is always wise to be safe and sure. And any medication will be most effective when it's taken the proper way.

Steve Clark
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