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In actuality, a medical billing specialist and a good EMR, or electronic medical record system, will save consumers and practices from adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their balance sheets. Both the medical billing specialist and the EMR system they use must be able to keep up with the needs of the day-that is, are they both able to transcribe, edit, and store; or to batch, secure, organize? And are the records accessible to approved personnel even on a pocket PC or when traveling?

These are considerations to be taken into account. Defensive medicine requires research and homework for both medical practices and consumers. In fact, the one implication in Pres. Bush's phrase, "defensive medicine," is that in order to practice medicine, a doctor undergoes extensive education and training. For the consumer to find a medical billing specialist that they trust, he or she must also pay the price of extensive research. Paying the price to do some research requires only time, while waiting may mean paying a higher price later.

Find a qualified medical billing specialist. If you take the time to search classified ads online or in the newspaper for a medical billing specialist, you will see that businesses realize the importance of defensive medicine. In listing requirements and preferences businesses look for experience with insurance information, collections, coding, and EMR technology which manages most of those things.

Strike the liability costs from your balance sheet, whether you are a practice or a consumer. Effective record management by a good medical billing specialist with a good EMR is good defensive medicine. It will keep your check book healthy.


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