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Modern civilization has produced an unusually stressful environment to humans and animals, with extreme high demands on our physical and mental abilities. The last one hundred years have brought unique new challenges for all. It doesn't take much reflection upon the obvious and not so obvious sources of stressors today to realize the average person endures a lifetime of extraordinary physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual stress.

Unfortunately the continual assault of these daily modern stressors can have severe consequences on our health and well-being.

Are you aware that 80% of all illness and disease today is stress related? That 25% of all prescriptions written are due to issues stemming from the root problem of stress. That one of the three top selling drugs in North America is a tranquilizer and 2/3 of all visits to family physicians also stem from stress.

What can be done about it? The answer is, Prime One! Dr. Brekhman's signature daily adaptogenic herbal formula made with the seven most powerful Adaptogens known to man.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are biologically active substances found in certain herbs and plants, which help the body and mind of humans and animals adapt to the change and stresses of life.

The world-renowned Russian research scientist, Dr. Israel I. Brekhman PhD, is hailed world-wide as the father of extensive Adaptogen research. He was a professor of medicine, and a physiological pharmacologist. The Soviet Union and The Russian National Parliament bestowed on the good doctor the Order of Lenin, The Lenin Medal for valiant work, as well as the coveted Certificate of Honour, these awards came to him for breaking the genetic codes of plants, uncovering the molecular structures of their phyto-chemicals and his lifetime work with Adaptogens. He also held 40 patents, published 22 monographs, several hundred scientific articles, and wrote many books. Dr. Brekhman pioneered a vast "top-secret" scientific effort funded by the Russian government involving 1200 of their best scientists. Directed by Dr. Brekhman this scientific community applied scientific methodology to the study of plants. They explored plant biological codes and analyzed their molecular structures. Entire populations of towns, schools, hospitals and factories became his test subjects. In one case study, for example they analyzed an entire town and all its inhabitants including the animals for twelve long years. This lead to one of the most massive, sustained and successful programs of human and animal testing in recorded scientific history.

After 45-years of consistent research and thousands of clinical trials, the final patented formulation, Prime One was created and consists of seven adaptogenic herbal extracts. The primary herb is 'Eleutherococcus' also known as Siberian ginseng. This phenomenal herbal blend was subsequently found in clinical trials to have surprising synergistic qualities - so that the blend of these seven herbs together was significantly more effective than any of the single herbs taken alone.

Prime One contains rare trace minerals, co-enzymes, metabolites, anti-oxidants and vitamins. These phyto-nutrients address entire classes of body functions. They enhance human resistance to a broad variety of physical, emotional, metabolic and environmental stresses, and fill a nutritional void addressed by no other dietary element.

Why are Adaptogens important to our health you might ask?

Well, stressors such as: toxins, pollutants, oxidants, and chemicals in processed foods, radiation, depression and fatigue - are now thought to be the cause of DNA mutations that produce cancer. Adaptogens are the missing nutrients from nature that protect us from the chemical hormonal assault of such stressors. The frequency of cancer was 3.3 times lower in the animals taking the Adaptogens than in the control group of animals not given Adaptogens.

But the paramount question for each of us concerned about health is whether we can find a way to reduce, undo and buffer these damaging chemical effects of stress. That is precisely what Adaptogens are all about.

The soviet scientific community tested these particular plant extracts, on large groups of people under physical and mental stress. Russian cosmonauts, top athletes, aircraft pilots, military personnel, truck drivers, factory workers, were all given Adaptogens. They found dramatic improvements in performance, fewer errors, less illness, less accidents and calmer functioning. The Russians spent more than 500 million dollars in Soviet government sponsored monies backing this massive secret research. Dr. Brekhman's, Prime One, is one of the most researched, scientifically sound nutritional food supplements in the natural products market place today bar none!

Initially, for political reasons, Adaptogens were kept a highly guarded secret from the rest of the world for some time. Perhaps only in the Soviet Union could such an undertaking have been considered. Only in a totalitarian state could this massive testing have ever been carried out. Certainly, it would never have found adequate funding or the amount of test subjects in Canada or the United States, as was done in Russia on such a massive scale.

Other countries such as Germany, Japan, and Sweden, independently conducted their own research and testing validating the research and results of Brekhman's work.

The Medical Molecular Biology Institute of Heidelburg, Germany, published an important double blind study in the 1990's testing one of Brekhman's Adaptogens, Eleutherococcus Senticosus. This study employing flow-cytometry showed a powerful strengthening of the immune system. Those who received the plant extract during the clinical trials had their immune system markers reveal all T-lymphocyte subsets, including cancer killing cyto-toxic t-cells showed 40 to 80 % increase.
Excerpt from a German Study
done in 1990 on Eleutherococcus
Senticosus as an Immunodulatory Agent

In 1984 a very important scientific paper by the renowned Soviet molecular biologist, Dr. Igor Totoroff, showed that these plant extracts (found in Brekhman's formula) had wide ranging effects in different organ systems and could suppress excess cortisol production during stress thus controlling the wide spread damage known to occur from excess cortisol production. These adaptogen extracts also showed increased energy production within humancells. In fact, leading scientific research centre's world-wide are currently conducting ongoing studies and clinical trials, revealing new and amazing benefits for the human body from the use of Brekhman's formula. One can't help noticing in various medical journals and health publications these days where scientists and leading health professionals are reporting that a human body is as young and as healthy as its immune system allows. In light of these health facts, Prime One is the much-needed answer for our health and well-being.

More recently, Dr. Brekhman's formula was administered to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster with success and great benefit, so significantly that Dr. Vladimir G. Sprigin, PhD., Principal Scientific Fellow at the Russian Academy of Sciences, wrote a letter right after the terrible tragedy on Sept 11, 2001, stating; "Because of ongoing events I would like to tell you that you have in your hands the miracle remedy for the people that passed through such physical and emotional stress"; I remember how effective Eleutherococcus (the main Adaptogen) was for this purpose after Chernobyl Catastrophe and you have the preparation that is at least 6 times more powerful".
Vladimir G. Sprigin PhD.,
Russian Academy of Sciences

Shortly after the 911 tragedies, world wide associates donated $200,000 worth of Prime One and Prime One Concentrate to the New York Firefighters, and ERT Ground Zero Rescue workers and their working animals.

The fire fighters and ERT workers reported that, "Prime One helped them cope with the stressors at hand, giving them the advantage of working more than normal hours with less exhaustion despite the unfamiliar stressful circumstances".
Phil Cappadora, Firefighter, NY City
Kevin Gallagher, President,
Firefighter's Union, New York City

Best selling author Pete Bilac wrote a book about Dr. Brekhman and Adaptogens titled "Managing Stress through the Miracle of Adaptogens. Pete credits Brekhman's Prime One formula for saving his sons life. Pete's many books are currently available in any of the Chapter's bookstores.

One of the world's leading Biochemists, Dr. Stephen Fulder PhD states in one of his many articles on Adaptogens, "The soviets almost universally used Adaptogens to reduce convalescence, to return patients to health more quickly after heart attacks and other illnesses. It became standard treatment for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer. Perhaps Adaptogens had their most widespread impact in the area of Russian sports and the Brekhman formulas were routinely used on par with diabetes medications".
Dr. Steven Fulder PhD., Oxford, England
International Authority on health and wellness

Research has convincingly shown that Adaptogens are a powerful protection against radiation. They increase non-specific resistance to stress. Inhibits free-radical oxidation, accelerates rehabilitative processes, protects vital organs from stress, and has potent anti-viral properties, and has been found to be very effective in helping normalize blood sugar levels. It has been proven that the chemical hormonal assault on the body from stress lowers the immune system responses. The effects from stress upon the immune system are dramatic, immediate and well documented.

The good news is that Prime One, Dr. Brekhman's signature Adaptogen formula is now available world wide through The Adaptogens for Life Group. Prime One is sold through Network marketing as per Dr. Brekhman's request. It was his wish for all the peoples of the world, to hear by word of mouth of his work and have access to his formulas.

"It has always been my dream to create a special formula to prepare people for life and to protect them from stress."
Dr Israel I. Brekhman 1921 - 1994

Dr. Israel I. Brekhman remains a visionary whose dream to enhance human health and to prevent disease talks to a new generation today.


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