Stop Taking Blood Pressure Medications with Your Doctors Approval


I have been swallowing three varieties of blood pressurepills for 10 years. In another month, I expect to be off ofthem entirely. And that's with my doctor's approval.

Some months ago, I was introduced to a relatively newmedical science called glycobiology.

Very briefly...the science centers around eight simplesugars. These are not sugars diabetics must avoid. They arefood for our human cells.

Think of these simple sugars as you would oil in your car. The oil doesn't make your car run. However, without it youare headed for a serious breakdown.

Simple sugars function much the same way in your body asoil does in your car. They do not provide healing. They donot make your body run. But without them, you're headed fora serious breakdown. And that's spelled D-I-S-E-A-S-E.


After reading about a number of people who were able toget off the blood pressure medication when simple sugarswere added to their diet, I decided to give it a try. I hadbeen on the simple sugars for several months so it was timefor an experiment.

Without asking my doctor, which is probably a no no, Istarting cutting my pills in half. This wasn't altogethernaughty because I have a BP monitor and kept close watch onwhat was happening.

I noticed that over a period of several weeks my BPreadings gradually kept getting lower. In fact, severaltimes they dipped below normal.

I talked to my doctor and confessed what I had done. Ithen told him I'd like to wean myself completely off thedrugs.

Fortunately, he already knew about the science of simplesugars (glyconutritionals) and was willing to experimentwith me. He immediately took me off one of my medications, which was a dollar a pill variety. That alone was worth asmall drop in blood pressure.

He will gradually wean me off my other two medications. Sowithin a month or two, I should be rid of them. I don'tknow about you, but anytime I can avoid taking drugswithout compromising my health, I'm among the first to getin line.


Without getting into a lot of technical stuff, the eightsimple sugars are absolutely essential to the communicationsystem of your body cells. When this communication systemis working properly, cells can communicate their need forresources such as protein, hormones, etc. The result ishealthy cells which create healthy tissue create healthybodies.

You might ask, "Well how does that work in lowering BloodPressure?"

If you would like to continue monitoring my road to drugfreedom, click the web site link at the bottom of thisarticle. It will provide more non-technical informationabout the science and provide you with updates on myprogress.

Also, don't hesitate to mention the science ofglycobiology to your doctor. He or she may not have heardof it. This isn't hard to understand when you consider thescience involves a food, not a drug. And even though theresults are often amazing when applied to someone's diet, the fact that it is a food passes below the radar of manydoctors.

Just remember, you can take the simple sugars without aprescription. They are non-toxic and do not interact withany drugs. In other words, they are totally safe.

You may even want to start the simple sugars on your ownand give your body time to recover from years of simplesugar starvation. Then, after a month or two, ask yourdoctor if you can lower your dosage with the ultimate goalof becoming drug-free.

And speaking of monitoring your BP, excuse me a momentwhile I check my own.

Yup...hanging in there. It registered 115/69. Scouts honor.

I think I'm ready for another reduction in my medication. Except my doctor is on vacation.


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